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HartTools 7.4.2

Latest Revision

You may download the latest revision, dated February 1, 2016. For the changes to revision please refer to the release notes document. You will get the latest revision directly from our download page:

Next Version (Januar 2017):

HartTools 7.5 will have the same meanwhile proven functions and interfaces as HartTools 7.4.
One of the new issues is a Hart Slave coded in C#. The code is based on a DLL which contains all common functionality and communication services for a Hart slave device. 
The examples are developed with Visual Studio 2013 and based on the Microsoft framework .NET 4.6.
HartTools 7.5 will be fully compatible to the new operating system Windows 10.

Using XML

Data in HartTools 7.4 is stored and read in XML format. The example below shows the lay out of a test script.
Thus any xml-editor can be used to read or write a script or any other configuration or information file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    <Header Name="MyScript" Version="7.4.1">

      FrameAlyst 7.4 Script, Borst Automation



      <Item Cmd="0" Data="" />

      <Item Cmd="18" Data="Pasc6;TAG NAME;Pasc12;MESSAGE 16 CHARS;5;11;111" />

      <Item Cmd="21" Data="Long Tag Name" />



Unique HARTware

Hart Tools 7.4, 30-Days-Trial

A fully functional 30-days-trial-version (free of charge) is available on our download page:

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